Our Winery

The D’Aria winery, inaugurated with the 2008 crop, is a study in simple sophistication. The clean lines and geometric shapes of squares and arches on the exterior echo the historic Cape Dutch architectural vernacular. Equipped to handle 400 tons, the interior provides a spacious yet compact ultra-modern environment for hands-on winemaking.

D’Aria wines are handcrafted from start to finish. Grapes are hand picked and bunches and berries undergo a second sorting, also by hand, at the cellar.

White grapes are processed in an inert nitrogen press to minimise oxidation, fermented in separate batches in small stainless steel tanks to capture a range of aroma and flavour characteristics, and then blended to achieve the winemaker’s vision of perfect balance.

Red grapes undergo maceration and gentle crushing in stainless steel tanks, are fermented at carefully controlled and varietally optimal temperatures and then matured in 225l oak barriques.