Our Soils and Slopes

D’Aria’s vineyards on the north- and east-facing back slopes of the Tygerberg hills are typical of the prime viticultural land that characterises the maritime Durbanville wine ward influenced by the cold Atlantic Ocean just 10km away.

Cooled in summer to a moderate mean of 20°C by moisture-laden, seasonal coastal mists and southeaster breezes, these hills benefit from a typically Mediterranean climate with generous rainfall during frost-free winters and dry, warm summers.

Ancient, shale-derived, deep and well-drained mainly Hutton and Clovelly soils capture and retain water well into the summer, creating just the right balance between moisture and stress for the vine to naturally produce healthy, flavourful fruit.

Our Vines and Varieties

The rejuvenation of this traditional winemaking property started with a replanting programme in 1998/1999. Just over 60 hectares are now established on new rootstock.

Warmer north-facing slopes are under classical red varieties cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz; cool east-facing aspects under noble sauvignon blanc and viognier.