Our Story

D’Aria as we know it today is one of the top Durbanville wine estates. Not only is it known for all the facilities offered on the estate, but it is also widely acclaimed for the wines produced there. The land on which D’Aria is based comprises of two wine farms, namely Doordekraal and Springfield.

The history of Springfield dates to 1698 when the governor of the Cape first granted this farmland, then known as “Hooge Bergs Vallei”, thereby making it one of the oldest and most significant farmlands in what is now known as the greater Cape Town. Centuries later, in 1998 and 1999, Barinor purchased this land and it became known as D’Aria.

D’Aria originated in 2008 with our very first crop. With its beautiful surroundings, delicious wines, and world-class facilities, we have become a recommended wine estate in a relatively brief time span.


By paying the needed attention to our vineyards, we aim to handle the grapes as little as possible during the vinification process to preserve the aromatic fruit palates in our wines.


Our vineyards are planted on slopes with rich and fertile soil which preserves nutrition and water during the winter months, letting nature control the quality of the grapes in the warmer summer months. Being only 10km from the Atlantic Ocean, the sea breeze cools the grapes at night after the sweltering summer days.

Cooled in summer to a moderate 20°C by moisture-laden coastal mists and the South-Eastern breezes, our vineyards benefit from a typically Mediterranean climate with generous rainfall during frost-free winters and dry, warm summers.

Ancient, shale-derived, deep and well-drained soils capture and retain water well into the summer, creating just the right balance between moisture and stress for the vine to naturally produce healthy, flavourful fruit that allow us to produce award-winning wines.

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