The Piccolo Potstill Brandy


Vintage: 2007

Varieties: Colombar

Region: Western Cape

Vinification: The grapes were harvested early as in the French tradition to achieve higher acids and low pH for maximum flavour development during distillation. The brandy was distilled utilizing the Cognac method in a small copper pot still before going into barrel for aging.

Perfect Serve: The complex yet delicate flavours and aromas make this an ideal brandy to be enjoyed at room temperature or on the rocks. Ideally served with dark chocolate and rich desserts.

Maturation: 5 years in French Oak

Alcohol: 40% by vol

Tasting notes: Masterfully blended with no additives from three selected 5 years old brandies, to enhance the flavour profile on the mid-pallet and taste. The layers of strawberry, cherry, orange peel, vanilla, and whims of spicy hazelnut on the nose, and mixture of intense fruit flavours only to be appreciated by a true brandy connoisseur. A silky-smooth rewarding aftertaste and complex finish.

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