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D’Aria’s commitment to excellence has been reflected in the immediate success of its wines from the launch of its range in 2008. Top awards at South Africa’s leading wine shows, including the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show and Michelangelo, underpin the growing reputation of D’Aria and the Durbanville wine ward as a whole, for seminal sauvignon blanc and outstanding reds, particularly merlot and shiraz.

D’Aria’s sense of value and sensitivity to consumer interests are also reflected in several ‘best value’ accolades earned by its wines.

Thus, in all ways, D’Aria wines are guided in the growing and the making by ‘the muse’. Resplendent on each bottle of wine, this youthful, joyful, free-spirited character, flamboyant in flowing cape and feathered hat, playing a flute whose melody entices a bird to follow in flight, embodies the philosophy espoused in the brand’s name: Terra (our soil) D’Aria (a harmony of the senses) 1698 (our heritage) D’Urbanville (our location).

Terra D’Aria 1698 D’Urbanville wines seek to awaken the senses and allow all who follow their hearts to see, to smell, to touch, to taste, to hear, to feel, to be, to love…
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